⚠️ Payment is accepted in "CASH ONLY" at Tsunagaru Mirai. ⚠️

[What is Tsunagaru Mirai?]

Unofficial offline party of Magical Mirai fans to provide a place to “connect” your "like" and "emotion". We will have multiple events, so please spend your time as you wish!

[Update history]

2024/07/07 Release the outline

[How to join]

Please read the contents carefully and apply only if you agree.

(1) Login to TwiPla with your X(Twitter) account and click the "参加する(=Join)" button.

(2) Follow Tsunagaru Mirai account as we may send some information by DM.

(3) When coming to the venue, please use the direct elevator from the 2nd floor of the hotel.

For details, please follow the guiding staff.

# Due to holding time, persons under 18 years old are NOT allowed to join even if you are accompanied by a guardian.

# 1 account will be registered for 1 person.

# If you change Twitter ID after registered, it will not be reflected until you re-login to TwiPla.

We may consider your account as deleted and treat you as "Not join".


# Please change your RSVP to "不参加(=Not join)" if you want to cancel.

# Cancellation fee (equal to the charge) may arise after 23:59 on Saturday, August 24. So, please contact to the organizer directly.

If you contact before, it is possible to prevent the cancellation fee in most cases.

[Date and Time]

DAY1 Friday, August 30, 2024 OPEN 20:00(JST) START 21:00 CLOSE 24:00
DAY2 Saturday, August 31, 2024 OPEN 20:00(JST) START 21:00 CLOSE 24:00

# Possible to join and leave in the middle !

TwiPla DAY1 TwiPla DAY2


49th floor, APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari



7,000 JPY (Cash only)


Buffet style & all-you-can-drink


330 people

[Application start date]

July 12 (Fri), 19:00 (JST) -> Open capacity limit to 150 people

July 28 (Sun), 13:00 (JST) -> Open capacity limit to 250 people

August 10 (Sat) 22:00(JST) -> Open capacity limit to 330 people

# The number of participants will be opened up gradually until the maximum number (330) is reached.

# Registration will be accepted until the day of the event if available.

[DJ event]

Let's get excited after Magical Mirai !!!

DJ area occupies almost half of Tsunagaru mirai venue! Here you can enjoy DJ performances by Vocalo-P and Vocalo-DJ active in many fields!

[Drawing event]

Let's draw together! No need to bring art materials! Draw art and write comment on sticky note, sticker, and small square board!

We will prepare Tsunagaru Mirai wall!

Of course, you can bring your art materials!

[Alter(SAIDAN) event]

We will prepare some altars to display goods, figures, dolls, otaku bag, etc.!

Why don't you make a huge altar that can only be made at the offline party where many people gather?

We will also set a life-size panel of the main visual !!!

Please enjoy as a place for socializing and chatting !

# Please put only items related to VOCALOID and voice synthesizing software.

# Please take responsibility for your own care when decorating.

The organizer will NOT be responsible for any loss or damage.

# Please do NOT occupy too much space by one person.

# Please do NOT touch other people's belongings and "children" without permission.


Only APA Hotel guests are allowed to join in cosplay.

No changing room in the venue. Please change in your room before coming.

No one is allowed to come or go outside of APA Hotel while wearing cosplay costumes and/or wigs.

After changing, please go directly to the venue and refrain from using the facilities in the hotel.

# We have confirmed with APA Hotel that there is no problem with moving around inside Hotel while wearing cosplay costumes and/or wigs.

[Photo and Movie]

In principle, OK to taking photos and videos in the venue.

Please refrain from live-streaming.

Some DJ performers may NOT be photographed.

Please be considerate when uploading to SNS by covering other people's faces with stamps, etc.

[Other important notices]

# No smoking in the venue.

# If you engage in any nuisance behavior such as fighting or picking up girls, you will be asked to leave the venue. In such cases, the fee will not be refunded.

# For those with physical disabilities, please inform the organizer in advance if you need some assistance of staff such as entering and moving.

However, we can't support all the time.

# We prohibit some political or solicitation activities in and out of the venue.

# We may refuse participation of those who caused trouble or equivalent to do it in the past event.

If you will stay at APA Hotel, please don't leave the laundry at laundromat while joining party.

Please don't disturb to use other guests.

If you have any other problems or questions, please contact the nearest staff.


[Main visual]


Twitter: @kiyo3555 or @Tsuna_Mirai

Mail: kiyo355539@yahoo.co.jp


[DJ event]

Let's get excited after Magical Mirai !!!

coming soon...


[DJ event]

Let's get excited after Magical Mirai !!!

coming soon...