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Friday, August 30, 2019

  • OPEN 20:30
  • START 21:30
  • CLOSE 24:00
※ Possible to join and leave in the middle.


Buffet-style meal & all-you-can-drink


Le Jouet du ciel Makuhari
2, Hibino, Chiba-shi, 3, Mihama-ku, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
49th floor, APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari




The venue consists of two areas, SEA-side and TOKYO-side!

These areas are connected directly and free to move.


Image support by 境ヶ原まるこ (@PropellerWalker)

SEA-side area

  • DJ performance

TOKYO-side area

  • Saidan
  • Let’s draw!

DJ performance

SEA-side area will arrange DJ booth!

Let's get excited more even after Magical Mirai's live!

R Sound Design

A male artist living in Toyama.
After band activities, I produce music alone.
I released my works on video sites, and be absorbed in singing, guitar playing, DJ, video production and various designs.

YouTube subscribers exceeds 50,000, and the total number of views has reached 15 million.
I have achieved records of providing music to major artists and performing in music events around the country.


I debuted as a VOCALOID DJ on Aug 30(Fri), 2013. At that time I performed only Luka's song.
To celebrate Luka's 10th anniversary and make excite everyone, I will try to give my all of six years.
Let's enjoy the party!


I met VOCALOID in high school.My first Megurine Luka song was "RIP=RELEASE" produced by minato.
I rekindle passion for VOCALOID in 2017. I started cosplaying Megurine Luka mainly and went to VOCALOID club events.
I was fascinated VOCALOID's various music, and would like to play DJ. So, I debuted in Feb, 2018.
Now I want to be a DJ who can provide fun place through VOC@LOID.

ネギ抜きNepiA (VJ)

The adelie penguins, who can perform as a VJ, came back more powerful!
We will manipulate 2 humans and entertain everyone this year, too!


We will prepare display space (called "Saidan") for your goods, figures, dolls etc.!

Shall we make a huge saidan in Tsunagaru Mirai?

※ Please display something only related to VOCALOID or UTAU.
※ Please take care of yours by yourself if you display. The organizers cannot take responsibility such as loss or damage.
※ Please make mutual concessions to display. Don't occupy much space by 1 person.

Let’s draw!

This is a communication event by drawing. Let's draw Hatsune Miku/Rin/Len/Luka/KAITO/MEIKO with successive Magical Mirai costume!

And let 's display illustrations on a desk and take pictures or upload it on Twitter after finished!

Please start drawing freely after entering.

  • 23:20
    Move desks and start to display illustrations. (Please cooperate.)
  • 23:30
    Take pictures!


  • The drawing space is not sufficient, please use it by mutual concessions.
  • Please refrain from excessive R-18 illustration.
  • We don’t prepare drawing tools. Please prepare and take care by yourself.
  • We don’t restrict to carry-on foods or drinks at drawing space, but there are some drawing tools, so please be careful.
  • Let's enjoy drawing with everyone!


6,000 JPY


Up to 320 people


Accept until the day if the capacity is available.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee (equal to the charge) may arise after 23:59 on Saturday, August 24.
Please contact to the organizers directly. In most cases, it is possible to prevent the cancellation fee.

※ You can cancel without paying any cancellation fee until the above date.



We will prepare changing rooms. Available time: 19:30 - 24:00
Changing room has a limit on the number of people who can use at the same time (1 for men, 2 or 3 for women).
Please inform the organizers in advance as much as possible if you want to use.
If you don't use, please move outside secretly such as reserving hotel at the same place or arranging a taxi.

Recommend for communication

Recommend preparing name card with your handle name and contact information (Recommend: Twitter ID) to communicate smoothly!
It is easy to exchange contacts and useful for communication after the party. You can also use it as a trigger to talk someone.


No smoking on the main floor.
If you want to smoke, please use the smoking area in the elevator hall.


  • We will refuse participation of those "under the age of 18" because of holding time.
    You can't join even if you are accompanied by a guardian.
    It is a legal matter in Japan, please understand our policy.
  • The organizers may request to show your "official" ID card as necessary.
  • Smoking and drinking under the age of 20 are prohibited in Japan.
  • In order to prevent confusion, we will write "U19" in the name plate of participants who are 18 and 19 years old. If you are 18 or 19 years old, please contact the organizers in advance.
  • If you create a nuisance such as fighting or hitting on, leave from the party.
    Of course, we won't return the charge at these cases.
  • For those with physical disabilities, please inform the organizer in advance if you need some assistance of staff such as entering and moving.
    However, we can't support all the time.
  • We prohibit some political or solicitation activities in and out of the venue.
  • We may refuse participation of those who caused trouble or equivalent to do it in the past event.
  • If you will stay at APA Hotel, please don't leave the laundry at laundromat while joining Tsunagaru Mirai.
    Please don't disturb to use other guests.
  • If you have any problems and want to contact organizers, please contact to the staff at the reception table first.

Update history

  • 2018/09/02 Open this page
  • 2019/03/09 Start registration
  • 2019/05/11 Add Day3 & portal site link, next expansion timing, rules for people over 16 and under 18 ages
  • 2019/05/19 Expand capacity up to 250
We make a reservation for the number of participants.
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